SolChicks Website Overhaul: The Excitement is Multi-Dimensional

When SolChicks first debuted last September, it was postured as a 2D Play-to-Earn game with aesthetics matching the average Playstore game. Today, it has TRANSFORMED its 2D haven into a 3D experience to extend its reach to video game fans worldwide. We’re all gamers who want to build a better game, after all! Our new […]

A quirky yet entertaining NFT-powered fantasy game, SolChicks, has already taken the cryptocurrency market by storm after its initial release sold out within a few days.

Amongst the crowded world of NFT art projects, SolChicks stands out due to its multi-functional platform where you can accumulate adorable collectables, battle them in a PvP setting, sell them for a profit or breed them to grow your troupe. Unlike other NFT projects, the play-to-earn functionality of SolChicks is enjoyable to all types of […]