Introducing $SHARDS

Together with the launch of our play-to-earn mini-game “Dungeon Escape”, we are excited to introduce $SHARDS!

Dungeon Escape will be play-to-earn, meaning players will be able to earn the new $SHARDS tokens if they play with their SolChicks NFTs. The primary purpose of launching the mini game is to allow SolChicks NFT holders to start utilizing their SolChicks to play and earn $SHARDS tokens in the lead up to the main RPG SolChicks game with full play-to-earn integration which will be launched later this year. $SHARDS tokens are required for breeding new SolChicks NFTs and will be used in various game mechanics such as upgrading weapons in the main game.

Token Distribution

Token Type
Wallet Addresses
Token Contract Address
Distributor for the mini-game
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