Thank you for Participating in our $CHICKS Public Sale

We are all super excited to announce the crazy milestones achieved leading into the SolChicks Public Sale Launch.

SolChicks is now the #1 P2E on, the #1 NFT collection on CoinMarketCap, and the #1 hottest NFT collection on Solanart. Surely we are breaking records here!

On our socials side, we’ve made tremendous progress in the last week, with Twitter followers increasing from 26k to 122k (+369%), Telegram followers increasing from 13k to 100k (+669%), Discord from 66k to 100k (+52%) and SolChicks NFT Floor Price dramatically increasing from 1.8 SOL to 15 SOL (+733%) – absolutely mind blowing!

On a last note, stay vigilant for scams and thank you so much for joining us as we embark on the journey to become the 1 #P2E company in the world!

We will be periodically taking snapshots over the next 3 months and if you have sold your NFTs, or listed them on a secondary market, we reserve the right to halt future vesting of tokens and refund your remaining money pro-rata back at cost.

Token Generation Event

We will be releasing a claiming dashboard upon Token Generation Event (expected in the beginning of the week commencing 6th of December) where you can then claim vested tokens. As this sale will be conducted on a record number of launchpads, it will take more time than normal for us to consolidate all addresses and send them tokens. Note that 25% will be unlocked from Day 1 while the remaining 75% will be vested over the course of the next 3 months.

We expect a listing on a decentralised exchange (expected to be Raydium) in the week beginning the 6th of December and listings on centralised exchanges shortly thereafter. For those who miss out on the sale, you will have the opportunity to purchase $CHICKS on a number of over 30+ participating launchpads (please see the full list on our Linktree at, or from DEX / CEX’s upon trading launch.

Early Backer Rewards:

Please note that as per the generational privileges, we will be rewarding Wave 1 and 2 NFT holders with $CHICKS tokens after listing as part of a one-off play-to-earn reward. Further details will be announced at the time. Note that you must be holding a SolChicks NFT at that point in time to be eligible.