The supply of SolChicks is limited to 10,000 and each SolChick will have a unique design. Overall rarity of each SolChick will be categorised based on the rarity of their design features and certain randomized hidden traits. The overall rarity of the SolChicks will affect their in-game stats.

The categories that your SolChick could fall into are as follows:


>60% chance

Just your everyday average SolChick which to be fair, isn’t bad at all!


<40% chance

Not as common but still easily differentiable in a crowd of SolChicks


<15% chance

Now this is a real looker, standout amongst the coop


<2% chance

They say these are hot but crazy… rare. You may see a SolPig fly before you stumble upon one


<0.1% chance

Creatures of such grace and perfection don’t exist… Also called SolUnicorns

Angel Circle
Rarity: 1.00%

Space Helmet
Rarity: 1.00%

Minions Hair
Rarity: 1.00%

Luffy Strawhat
Rarity: 1.00%

Wizard Hat
Rarity: 2.00%

Rarity: 3.00%

Rapper Purple Cap
Rarity: 5.00%

Cowboy Hat
Rarity: 5.00%

Santa Hat
Rarity: 6.00%

Basketball Hair Band
Rarity: 6.00%

Rapper Durag
Rarity: 7.00%

Pirate Hat
Rarity: 7.00%

Spiky Hair
Rarity: 7.00%

Reggae Hair
Rarity: 7.00%

Afro Hair
Rarity: 7.00%

Mohawk Hair
Rarity: 7.00%

Rarity: 20.00%