How to Get Whitelisted on Discord?

Getting Whitelisted on Discord is not as hard as it seems

Discord is a free app that can be used for text chats, voice calls, and video calls. It is an awesome app that communities of any size can use because you can create servers with different topics, and it has so many features that are helpful when it comes to community engagements.

A whitelist is only useful if the project has not yet been launched. Finding a good project before launch and hopping on its discord is the first step toward getting a whitelist. You can follow NFT maxis on social media apps like Twitter and Youtube to stay updated on new projects. You can also use crypto research tools like (an NFT marketplace) to locate new projects.

What is a whitelist?

A whitelist is a set of selected members of a certain community who can mint from the presale of a project, whether an NFT, token, etc.

What do NFT projects give whitelists?

Whitelisting is a form of marketing used to create hype around a project and make it more sought after, increasing its perceived pre-mint value. Members of discord communities who get in early into a project discord server can participate in the whitelist process. They may be lucky to earn a whitelist and get the NFTs at the mint price. This profits the whitelist holders, who can sell their whitelist spot of their NFTs after minting. The project benefits from this by getting a lot of attention and hype for their project, which can subsequently convert to more mint value.

Benefits of getting a whitelist

1. You get access to mint an NFT

2. Whitelist is the golden ticket to getting NFT for cheap;

3. You avoid gas wars by getting a whitelist

What does it mean to grind for WL?

To grind for a whitelist means to participate in whatever activity a community requires for you to get whitelisted.

Gathering Moss

Once you have been verified in a new server and have access to all channels, then go through the important channels like announcements, FAQs, how to whitelist, rules, etc. (Note: The names of these channels may differ per server and some of the information you might be looking for may be merged in one channel).

Getting to know the rules of each server and what they require for you to get whitelisted is like having the master key to the door of success.

Common ways to get whitelisted

· Being active and helpful through chatting

Before you start chatting in a discord server that requires you to be active and have quality conversations to get whitelisted, it is highly advised that you change your PFP (profile picture) to one of the sneak peeks. You would find their sneak peeks in a channel named sneak peeks or thereabout. If you can’t find the channel, ask a mod in the general chat section.

After setting your PFP, you can edit your name (Not: This is not compulsory) just that it makes some mods happy. You can use the “I” punctuation sign and add “the discord server name.” Make sure you know if you are expected to reach a certain level or just text until you are noticed. Once this is all set, we move to the battleground to establish our supremacy.

Once in the general section, you need to make a general greeting like “Hi everyone, hope we are all good?” This is a pleasant way to start conversations. Get friendly with people and find out things about them and their views on the project and the ecosystem. Please use English all the time so everyone can understand what you are saying. Avoid limiting yourself by speaking your native tongue.

When you are having quality conversations, you should be looking out for people asking one question or the other; this is where the information you read about earlier on the important channel comes in. You need to reply to people asking questions as politely as possible and tag respective channels that can help them understand better and confirm what you said using the hashtag (#) sign.

If you see any spamming in the group, call them to order or ping a mod if they refuse to heed your advice. Pinging a mod can be risky cause if you do it wrongly or excessively, you may be sanctioned for it, but if you do it wisely, you get on the mod’s radar and should be rewarded soon. It would be best if you tried to calm distressed members before the mods get there. Reducing the burden on the mods makes them like you.

Sometimes, mods and admins come into the general section to make friends and hang out. Try to prove your simp prowess by engaging them in discussions and making their time there fun. Make sure you are still being a helpful member while doing this.

While doing this, please try not to check on your level too often; you can use a friend’s phone or burner account to satisfy your curiosity. Please do not ask for a whitelist; the mods and admins know you are here for it. As long as you are exceptional, you will be rewarded.

Remember, Quality over Quantity

· Invites

Some discord servers require you to invite a certain number of active users to get whitelisted. Make sure your invites are active accounts/ members of discord.

· Winning Games

Discord games like Royal Rumble, Moderator-hosted games, Competitions, and Quizzes Games are fun activities played on different servers. Some games are used to giveaway whitelist as they are purely games of luck. Common games being played are:

1. Royal Rumble

In this game, the gameplay is auto-generated by a bot. You need to click on the clashing swords and emoji underneath the bot’s message. The gameplay would be auto-generated with an epic storyline of intense battles and weird deaths. The last man standing is usually the winner.

2. Quizzes

The admins or mods can come up with quizzes involving different topics and award members accordingly.

3. Moderator Hosted Games

This involves tasks assigned by moderators that you have to complete to win. The terms of the games are solely as the moderator decided them to be. Examples are the flag game where you have to guess which country has each flag dropped by the mod, riddles where you have to decode a riddle to win, send a message on the mod’s Twitter, etc.

· Competitions

The admins usually host fan art competitions, karaoke sessions, poem competitions, etc.

Some projects are related, and having NFTs from specific collections can also qualify you for a new project’s whitelist. An example is the anxiousfriends NFT collection that gives you a free whitelist spot if you have any NFT from the lildurkNFT collection in your wallet. This style of getting whitelisted is typical on the arbitrum chain.

· Twitter Giveaways

Here, you must either retweet, like, follow an account, tag your friends, or do all this. Winners are usually selected randomly.

· Fan-arts and Memes

Drawing fan arts and memes can make a mod trigger happy and shoot you with a whitelist. This rarely works as many people spam that session, but it is worth trying.

· Joining early

Being early to a project can make you achieve the OG role. In most servers, OGs usually are whitelisted.

· Being active on the voice channel of discord servers

The whole point of mods rewarding you with a whitelist is to reward your activity and commitment to their project. One of the unique ways of getting a whitelist most whitelist grinders often overlook is making their presence known on the voice channels of notable projects.

· Random tasks

Due to the competitive nature of most discord servers, the bar is constantly being raised to disqualify an increasing number of people jostling for free whitelist spots. This has culminated in some NFT projects coming up with random and new tasks by the day. Other potential projects can adopt some of these tasks, and the information is not irrelevant. Some of the notable random tanks that have been done to get a whitelist

– Instagram Raffle

– Having a minimum balance in cryptocurrency on your wallet

– Cooking to earn whitelist, e.g., Toadstoolz

– Owners of active NFT communities are rewarded with some whitelist spots for their communities. Belonging and being active in NFT communities increases your chances of getting a whitelist for some projects

– Marketing stunts like the one done by Bubblegoose where they told grinders to get a parrot to say the name of their project


There will be more innovative ways to get whitelisted in various projects as time goes by, and we will constantly update you on this. Trust me always to keep you updated.

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