Real Money Earning Games | 9 Games to Play for Fun and Earn for Profit in 2022

If you have ever heard of crypto games, you know that there is this craze about real money-earning games. Naturally, this can be especially interesting for someone already acquainted with the crypto world. However, it sounds nothing less appealing to people who just started to get acquainted with crypto gaming. Sure, it has its allure. Just imagine you play a game and earn crypto assets while doing so. What can be better than that, especially for active gamers? So, let’s look at the current 2022 offer of games where you may earn real money.

How Do You Make Money with Play to Earn and NFT Games?

If we look back in history, pixel games were all the rave. Today you have a metaverse and VR to provide a more immersive playing experience. It is pretty much the same with cryptocurrency games. The same excitement arises when you think about the possibilities. Bono once said that the digital world closed the gap between dreaming and doing.

A lot has changed in the gaming industry. First, online games evolved with technology. Recently, there has been a ton of articles about money-earning apps. They are not necessarily gaming apps, but they allow you to make real money. It’s no surprise then that gaming has gotten so far.

Real money-earning games. That sounds great. Many people imagine that developers give you cash to play their games. But that’s not how it works. Some developers reward their players by giving them different rewards. For example, GiftPlay, Cash’Em All, and Buff are gaming rewards platforms that allow you to win gift cards, NFTs, and other prizes for playing games. But, how much you earn for yourself depends on many factors, which include:

  • your location
  • gender
  • age

However, if we exclude intermediaries, there are game developers that reward their players with unique tokens they can discover while adventuring inside the game. In other words, you earn these tokens by buying them on the market or advancing in the game, like the ax or shield in traditional games.

It’s a fact that these unique items, better known as NFTs in the crypto world, were science fiction 30 years ago. It allows players to own every item they earn during gameplay. Forget about the past when you left the game and all the hard work you put into getting that asset went down the drain.

Today blockchain technology and crypto games offer you a way of earning money while playing. Why? Because those special items remain in your digital wallet and are yours to do with them whatever you like. Whether you choose to sell them or use them is your choice. Some NFTs sell for a lot more money than players expect, and it has nothing to do with where you are in the world. Because their value is based on scarcity or the number of specific items a game developer minted before releasing the game.

So, based on the non-fungible token (NFT) aspect, we made a list of top play-to-win games you can try in 2022. So, it is time to fire up your computer, put the headphones on, and enjoy playing these real money-earning games.

As mentioned, we will stick to the NFT games. But let’s check the newest real money-earning games in 2022 and the games that are already out there.

Available Real Money Earning Games in 2022


Solchicks is a fantasy game based on the Solana blockchain. Its main characters are cute fluffy chicks that will surprise you in the battles. Solchicks are more than just cute creatures; they are also soldiers used in fighting to compete with other players. However, you can also team up with friends and complete different types of quests. Each chick is an NFT, living in the Solchicks universe.

Before creating the ultimate warrior, you must bond with your NFT and train it for battle. As the game progresses, the chicks get special abilities. If you own several of them, you can breed them and create a new and unique chick. Players looking for real money earning games can profit from $Chicks tokens. There are also in-game awards that players may trade, and each fluffy chick can be sold on the NFT marketplace.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a metaverse based on Ethereum where players can develop in-game objects. If you like the dynamics of Minecraft and Decentraland, you should start looking out for this game. Like in Decentraland, the Sandbox is based on owning, building, and trading virtual land plots.

It has an element of Sims 4, although the game design is like Minecraft. The player can build objects and buildings on the lot and socialize with people. The game offers something for everyone. You own everything you create in the game, and it’s a unique NFT.

Players can use The Sandbox’s ‘VoxEdit’ tool to create anything they want and integrate it into The Sandbox’s metaverse. The fun does not stop there, as the players may convert these products into NFTs and sell them. It’s rewarding for the users’ creative community members to make unique in-world objects.

Gods Unchained

Perhaps one of the most popular crypto games out there, and indeed the one included in every list of top real money earning games. It is a crypto card-style game. Many people from the industry expect that the god’s cards will grow in value as the game itself grows in popularity.

Gods Unchained is a real money earning game in which players obtain cards by purchasing them from other players or winning PVP battles and gaining rewards. Once sufficient points, the players can level up and get several free cards. Users can then trade these cards on the NFT marketplace or within the game itself.

Town Star

Town Star is a free-to-play strategy farming game. Lands are divided into three types based on their location: forest, plains, and dessert. The goal of the game is to build a sustainable town. Players can create their own NFT empires and gain TOWN coins as in-game assets to make money.

There is also a competing side of the game available through missions or NFT products, while the top 400 ranked players on the scoreboard will receive Gala Tokens. You must generate resources by cultivating crops and mixing raw components into finished commodities. These are sold to cities, which allows you to earn points. Storage and space are essential since the player must keep all those resources somewhere.

New and Upcoming Real Money Earning Games in 2022

Big Time

The game is an action RPG designed by the co-founder of Decentraland, one of the first decentralized worlds ever created. Big time is an adventure game available on PC and Xbox. As the character in your game progresses in the adventure, traveling through time and space, you can earn cryptocurrency and NFTs. These are primarily skins that you can keep in your digital wallet.

Having this currency, you can even purchase space inside the time machine. Now this space can be the entire planet and is treated as an NFT. The development team is currently working on allowing players to import the NFTs they already own from other games. According to the studio, because of the way the game is built, even people without blockchain experience will be able to begin collecting NFTs with real-world value.


Illuvium might be the most expected RPG among real money earning games. It is an adventure 3D open world to explore and capture creatures called Illuvials. You need to produce the resources that adventurers need to travel to different locations. The game opens with a spaceship collapsing into an alien world filled with various sceneries, harsh weather occurrences, diverse climates, and unusual species.

Players then assume the role of a Hunter, who, of course, is tasked to capture beasts. The character will unlock obelisks that allow them to go faster and discover more of the landscape. There is plenty of battle for the active players, where adventurers take all they have to capture rare Illuvials or NFTs that will join their team. However, these creatures can be upgraded and combined to make powerful monsters. That’s not the end of this money-earning game, as you can fight other players and fight for Ethereum prizes.

Axie Infinity

Before you start thinking, we already know this one. However, the game developer has released new fresh perspectives on the game. The Axie homeland, Lunacia, is divided into tokenized parcels of land that serve as residences and bases of operations. Interestingly, you can use three Axies to battle other players in the arena or go on a solo adventure.

Chimera monsters are terrorizing Lunacia. Chimera will be able to be fought in real-time fights by players alone or in groups. In addition, chimera will drop various resources, goods, and blueprints that players can utilize to improve land and individual Axies. The developer also promises some new Axies in this new world they are creating.

Ember Sword

Ember Sword has been in development for years now. Finally, it seems the release is near. It is an open-world sandbox MMORPG; however, it is not a first-person game, but a top-down view of the game offers a glimpse into this world. However, it seems that weapons are not actual NFTs, but the skins you use with that weapon are.

The game is based on land ownership with revenue-sharing opportunities. Everything you accomplish, from battle to mining, fishing, woodcutting, and more, raises your skill level, unlocking more significant improvements, increased efficiency, and new powers to cast.

The Walking Dead Empires

If you are a fan of the TV series, you will undoubtedly enjoy this game. The Walking Dead: Empires is a multiplayer survival game. The game starts with the story, and you enter your land, which you can set up any way you want to defend yourself against zombie hordes. These land plots are available for purchase at the Gala Games store. As you progress, you earn crypto and NFTs.

Survival necessitates the ability to craft. Owning an NFT Crafting Station lets you effortlessly make a specific type of in-game item in this universe. Please invite others to settle on your land and benefit from what they bring and develop. Join forces, and maybe you’ll all make it.


Blockchain games allow you to explore virtual worlds, compete against other players, and accumulate valuable NFTs. As your skill level rises, you can receive crypto awards and even sell NFTs on secondary markets to convert your gameplay into cryptocurrency. The main reason for the attention is that users generate money on the platform, with some earning up to $100 each day.

So, it’s not surprising that NFTs, like stocks, are used by confident entrepreneurs and investors to profit by purchasing and selling them. However, if you have already purchased a collection of NFTs and no longer require them, you can quickly sell them the same way you would if you had created them yourself.

The real money-earning games we mentioned are like puzzle pieces. Gamers enjoy them because they are engaging and lucrative. So, the next puzzle to solve is what the future holds for blockchain gaming.

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