SolChicks Play-To-Earn Economy: Breed, Battle, and Earn

As cute as SolChicks are (and they are cute), there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye. Behind each carefully crafted face is a new and disruptive model of gaming, where each player is rewarded for their time participating in the metaverse. The result is the creation of a reward loop, where players earn benefits both inside the game and in the real world. This concept, also known as a “Play-to-Earn Economy,” and enables users to participate in several profit-enabled opportunities, each unlocked from holding a SolChick NFT, of which only 10,000 original chicks will ever exist (more can be bred in-game later, which we will get to). Although, it is worth noting additional mints will be created and granted limited privileges. It is the provision of these NFTs that sparks these new opportunities for players to earn, adding to the intricacies and depth of gameplay. To get started, we aim to highlight some of the most rewarding processes in the SolChick’s ecosystem including breeding SolChicks which can later be sold in the marketplace, earning through PVP battles, executing a successful raid, or being a generally good SolChick owner.

Breeding SolChicks to Sell

Players who have the privilege of owning not one, but two SolChicks of at least level 45, can breed a new SolChick. Using Shards of Love and $CHICKS, SolChicks will mate and produce a SolEgg. The SolEgg will take seven days to hatch, after which it can be used in gameplay. Players can then mint their newborn onto the blockchain and roll for one trait from each parent. Players may choose to hold on to their new SolChick or enlist them on the marketplace for an in-game earning opportunity. Alternatively, players may take their newly minted NFT and stake it, so another player, who may not yet own an NFT, can also participate in the game. These players can create their own account to play, with any profits they earn being split between them and the NFT owner.

Therefore if a user plays their cards (or should we say shards) right, they may be able to strategically leverage their Shards of Love as a continuous investment opportunity as they expand the ecosystem with new SolChicks.

Battling for Rewards

As an online battle-royale-style game, players are also encouraged to test their skills as they battle it out to determine who the mightiest SolChick in the metaverse is. When SolChicks battle each other, they not only gain experience but also loot boxes, each of which contains SolCoins, Tomes, Shards of Love and the potential for other in-game items like equipment or crafting materials. While both teams may earn, there is still an incentive to win, as these players will get a larger share of the overall loot. Loot boxes will also differ depending on the Matchmaking Rating (or MMR) system, which directly reflects a player’s wins and completion of objectives. Each battle will put players of a similar MMR status against each other across all in-game modes including 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or a free-for-all deathmatch.

Similar to the opportunities for battle, SolChicks can participate in raids for more opportunities to earn. Gameplay may be more difficult in this scenario, but that only makes it more rewarding after all.

Earning In-Game Rewards with Real Monetary Value

Players must also ensure they are keeping their SolChick happy as determined by their avatar’s happiness metric. When SolChick’s are happy, well-fed, played with and successful in battle, their owner can get more rewards such as Shards of Love, crafting materials or other bonus experiences. After all, everyone loves a happy chick!

These in-game rewards will not only help to improve a player’s standing in the SolChicks ecosystem but can also be traded on a real-world exchange, for real profits!

Continuous Opportunities to Earn

It’s true some of the more specific mechanics and balance details may change as the economy grows; however, this overview should provide players with a sense of where we envision the SolChicks ecosystem to one day grow into. We encourage our community to follow along as we release new features that will only add to this growing list of earning opportunities with the future release of SolChicks Farming and SolChicks Land.

For these reasons, we believe there is no better time than now to join the SolChicks metaverse and unleash your fierce chicklet!

An Update for the Community

Leak of our internal materials:

A former team member who is disgruntled (and is known to us and the wider crypto market for his business practices) leaked an old version of our internal drive. They did this selectively. This was a breach of our personnel and privacy policies. More importantly, the leaked documents were not shared in total, but instead cherry picked to support their narrative. Some appear to have been edited.

Although there is sensitive information there, we are confident there is nothing in there that would raise concerns about our project.

We have since tightened our security and access privileges for the rest of the team.

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