SolChicks Gameplay Overview: World of Warcraft Meets Axie Infinity

Solchicks is an exciting cross of World of Warcraft and League of Legends with fan favourite ‘pet games’ like NeoPets and Axie Infinity. Featuring massive play-to-earn potential and NFT integrations, this article will take a closer look at the SolChicks gameplay experience

Exponential is an understatement when we look at SolChick’s progress so far. We are excited to share that the SolChick’s game has reached the #1 spot for Play-to-Earn games on the Solana blockchain. This is in line with our meteoric growth on social-media, with our Twitter Community reaching over 130k followers at the time this article was written. One thing is certain, the SolChicks revolution is here, and we are so excited to bring you along this journey with us.

We built the SolChicks game around our NFT collectibles themselves, each acting as a character in the SolChicks metaverse and a ticket to participating in gameplay. These highly sought-after SolChicks NFTs only exist in limited amounts (5000 of which have already been minted, with 5000 more on the way).

This future release will include a version of the game that will not require individuals to hold a SolChick NFT to play. While there is still much underway, we are already taking great strides in development. Most projects in the pre-ido phase do not even have a game in development which is vastly different from the release of our full game demo.

As the demo highlights, our intent with the gameplay itself was to bring together what we believe to be the perfect combination of MMO and MOBA games such as World of Warcraft and League of Legends, tied together with interactions that resemble fan favourite Pet Games like NeoPets and Axie Infinity, a combination that we believe to be unlike anything players have experienced before.

Introducing the Game Modes

We envision SolChicks to become one of the most revolutionary gaming ecosystems; however, to achieve that, we will first need to deliver an engaging experience, which is why so many details and other intricacies were necessary for bringing the concept to life. Looking at the SolChicks alone, users will see the consideration each experienced artist undertook in overlaying a number of attributes on the standard SolChick character. But, these characters are so much more than a pet, which is why we open the invite to all players to test their skills and prove who the mightiest SolChick is on the battleground.

Battling It Out PVP Style

On the battleground, players will be matched with teammates and opponents of similar levels. These matches will act as a starting place for your SolChick to combat in a unique multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). As players engage in battle, they with the ever-challenging mission to climb the leaderboard and prove their SolChick’s strength to the rest of the Solana universe, an endeavour that can only be accomplished with the right skills. Players can earn skills in several different ways, whether this is through levelling up, reading books, attending classes, departing on unique quests, or even through the upgrading of NFTs. After these skills are earned, each player must equip their character with the right one at the right time and in the right battle.

Raiding With the SolChicks Gang

As players experience battle, they may be ready to take part in their first raid, an operation similar to the existing battle system but more difficult. In this game mode, players can partner with other seasoned players and engage in co-op battles for pacts that will improve their chances to win in battle and gain experience points. The major difference here is that all the players that have reached level 60 will be able to come together against the raid boss. The raid boss will make this already challenging aspect of gameplay more difficult due to their ability to mix and match skill sets and consumables to defeat players. For those who win, great spoils will be awaiting, including titles, rare and seasonal items.

With so much at stake, players are encouraged to choose their teams carefully!

Quality Bonding With Your SolChick

As a reminder, SolChicks takes on a pet element which is elevated when the character is a baby. Like any other character’s development, they will need a player’s undivided attention to grow up, strong enough that they will survive anything and everything that crosses their path. It then becomes their responsibility for players to play with them and feed them to have any chance of success in future gameplay.

Putting Your Training to the Test

Hand in hand with bonding comes training, where players are encouraged to continue spending time and working alongside their SolChick, to increase their skills and add to their experience points. With enough points, SolChick’s can be levelled up, putting them one step closer to becoming the fierce SolChick you know they are, and the Solana blockchain is about to find out they are.

SolChicks: Flying Close to the Sun and Thriving

We hope you took this all in, as SolChicks gameplay is closer than you think. Current plans include the Alpha version to be live soon!

For the first time in crypto history, Solchicks will be launching on 25+ launchpads, drawing in an astronomically huge community and putting us in the record books. Mark your calendars as our launch takes place Friday, November 26th at 2 PM UTC. This is the most ambitious launch ever and the SolChicks REVOLUTION is HERE!

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