Wave #2 Success!!

Our 2nd Wave sale was a success, with our pre-sale sold out in 1 minute and the official sale in 25 minutes! After many sleepless nights, across countries all over the world, and with months of hard work and dedication, our team could not be happier with the results.

We have minted 5,400 SolChicks so far and hope to release the third wave mint date very soon. For some more good news, we may raise our mint price for wave 3 to 5 SOL. Thank you to those who believed in us, we could not have done this without our supportive community.

All our official marketplaces have been updated for SolChicks bought during the 2nd mint, so you can now buy and sell your SolChicks! To ensure the legitimacy of these SolChicks, please make sure you check that the marketplace you are using is one that we are collaborating with (We are NOT on OpenSea). You can do this by checking our ‘Official Website Marketplaces’ channel under the Information section in our discord, or by clicking the ‘Marketplace’ tab on our website.

If you are curious about how rare your SolChick is, you can use the Rarity Sniper Bot on our discord to check your SolChick’s rarity and attributes. Some of you might be so lucky as to call yourselves proud owners of our Mythical and, dare I say, LEGENDARY SolChicks. So be sure to check, in case you minted one of these bad boys.

It is hard to sum up in words what this means to all of us here at the SolChicks Team, but we just wanted to share with you our sincerest gratitude from all of us. We hope that you will come along this journey with us on becoming a global community, one that shares each other’s love for SolChicks and the passion for the game!

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